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Get ready to change your life

"The most incredible, life-changing fitness classes you've ever seen"

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Hi, I’m Fab

Pleased to meet you!

Originally from Brazil, I've been working in the UK as a Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Class Leader since 2011. My aim is to make sure everyone enjoys my classes and has a blast! I'll always try to make sure you finish any of my classes with a smile on your face (even if it's a very sweaty face!)

Hope to see you soon :-)

Earn your body

Will it be easy?

Worth it?



My classes offer total body conditioning with a focus on core strength and agility. Expect high-intensity cardio moves for anaerobic endurance, plyometrics for power, bodyweight strength moves, coordination patterns, balance work and agility drills (and of course a cool-down with static stretching for flexibility). Workouts are varied and address diverse training components to deliver well-rounded fitness results with participants burning up to 1000 calories per class! All exercises can be modified so anyone can join the class, whether you are a beginner or advanced participant. 

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