Get ready for the most incredible and fun body and life changing fitness classes you've ever seen! My classes can accommodate beginners or advanced participants because each move can be modified in a variety of ways to increase or decrease the challenge!


My classes offer total body conditioning with high-intensity cardio moves for anaerobic endurance, plyometrics for power, bodyweight strength moves, balance work, agility drills, coordination move patterns, a focus on core strength and stability, and a cool-down with static stretching for flexibility  Because the workouts are so varied and address such diverse training components the fitness results achieved are functional and well-rounded and participants can burn up to 1000 calories per class!! All exercises can be modified so anyone can join the class, wether you are a beginner or advanced participant. 


My name is Fabiana and I am extremely passionate about fitness  I am originally from Brazil and have been working in the UK in the fitness industry since 2011 as a Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Classes.

My aim is to make sure everyone has a blast  and enjoy my classes! Having fun while exercising is the main thing to me and I make sure I try and make you all finish any of my classes with a smile on your faces - even if it is a very sweaty face! :)

Hope to see you soon!

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